Matt Chat 195: Towns

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This episode is a review of the game Towns, a 2012 release reminiscent of games like Settlers, Rogue, Dungeon Keeper, and Minecraft.

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Neat game

Not sure if I would play it because it's an obvious time sink but I sent it to a friend who loves this kind of thing. In my 20s when I had this odd thing called lots of free time I would probably have played this a lot.

One thing I didn't see was any monsters? Do they take a while to show up? I was working while watching so maybe I missed something. I will begin an immediate aggressive leaflet campaign on the developers to include your beloved and cherished rats.

Last, what was that kind of throat clearing sound that kept popping up? Was that part of the game or an external IM program?


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the monsters are under the

the monsters are under the town, you need to dig down (dungeon) to get to them.. I think its so you can establish a town and equip your people before they venture in. Of course there are a few Random monsters above ground. Mat mentioned WerePigs, and there are also Froggies in the swamp area ( which i think he mentioned too) they will kill most any of your people one on one, but in number your people will kill them fairly easy.

You build a town, set up a TAVERN and the HERO's come, then if you dig down, they will go into the Dungeon and kill the monsters (or your townspeople can, but they are not good at it, if your lucky they wont die and you can clear the dungeon) as you dig deeper the monsters get much harder. its the old level game, They give you enough to start, but some required items are in the first level of the dungeon, you get said items and you can make stuff like better weapons or Armour, which in turn makes your guys stronger to venture into level 2 of dungeon, rinse and repeat.

it is a HUGE timesink, but it is fun for anybody who enjoys these types of games (settlers, sim games (not the SIMS), etc.. )

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