The Best-Selling Computer and Console Games

Matt Barton's picture has a great list of best-selling computer and console games that's well worth a look if you're curious about the sales figures of your favorite games. While it'd probably be a stretch to call this the "definitive" list, my guess is that it's about the best we're likely to see until software retailers start keeping (and reporting) more accurate figures. I commend them for doing an excellent job. There are listings here for a large number of systems, including the Atari 2600. Check it out! As you may expect, The Sims and Myst top off the PC list, whereas Super Mario Bros. 3 tops off the console list. intelligently separated bundled games--though I don't doubt that many people bought their NES just to play Super Mario Bros. and Duckhunt!


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It's odd, but it seems like

It's odd, but it seems like the sales figure data is sporadic. There were quite a few other million+ sellers on the Atari 2600 for instance...

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