Mark Plays... Some VIC-20 Classics (1hr extravaganza)

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In this video I play quite a few of the classic arcade ports and well known games on the Commodore VIC-20. I grabbed the footage using a Pioneer HD-DVD-Recorder that allows me to grab the footage on the HD or directly on CD-R, DVD-R or DVD-RW. I use the latter so I can reuse the disc after I imported the files off the disc (a simple copy of the mpg stream) into

Okay it turned into an over an hour long extravaganza playing the games until the first game over and me babbling about the gameplay and the technology involved. Read more below...

There was some interference that ended up being more pronounced and exaggerated due to the way the video editor handled the file. The VIC has the jailbar thing that a lot of the systems from that era had. They are more obvious on LCDs than CRTs.

Let me know if you managed to watch the entire video. I can imagine it becoming a bit tedious at this length. But decided to put it into one big clip as this shows the experience I had trying to play these games closest. My commentary also goes from one game to the next and sometimes back so it doesn't make sense hacked up into individual clips. I'll probably end up doing some more in depth gameplay sometime in the future with those games individually.

No review, it's just me playing and experiencing the game however good or bad I play it - Benway style :P


TTFD (not verified)
awesome...thanks for posting

awesome...thanks for posting this...the Vic-20 was my first computer and 2nd game playing machine after the Intellivision II.

nice trip down memory lane and got me thinking of those old text adventures I used program in BASIC all those years ago.

Mark Vergeer
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Hi TTFD, Glad you liked it and that it sparked some nice memories from way back. You probably played Zork too - a classic text adventure. I like the VIC-20 because it really opened up the world of microcomputing to a lot of people. For an early machine like this it was quite capable only held back by its small memory.

Shawn Delahunty
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Awesome stuff Mark.

I simply _HAVE_ to order one of those MegaCarts. Now that I've got my VIC-20 running again, I need to clear a space and set up my handful of retro systems. (My office currently looks like it threw up.... I have crap piled everywhere.)

Thanks for sharing this.


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