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In my opinion Wizardry 6-7 and 8 are some of the very best (top 10 of all time) RPG's out there. while I dislike the graphics of 6 (16 color i believe) its a Very good game.. 7 may just be my all time favorite RPG ever.. HOURS of play, one of the FIRST auto map features, but its a skill not jut "part of the game" so it works well (again IMHO) to this day I was blown away they got so much game on 2 -3.5 floppies. Both 6 &7 are the days of "hard" starts.. brutal even.. but once you get past the first 5- 6 hours and build some characters the game really shines. 8 was a Solid translation into 3D in a time when RPG's where dying, it stayed true to its "hard to master" roots and the 3D was done well enough that it didn't seem like a tacked on gimic.

2 easy buys for me even if i own several version of them all..

6&7 for $5.99
8 for $9.99

MUST BUYS for anybody who has not played them and enjoyed Bards tale, M&M, or the old school turn based dungeon crawlers from the early 90's

Nathaniel Tolbert
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Yeah, it doesn't like new tech does it...

I hear you on that. I haven't been able to get Wizardry 8 to run on anything other than old tech. As long as I'm running Windows 98SE, or if I fiddle, Windows 2000 it doesn't like to work. I know there are work around steps that allow for it to work in newer OSes, but I have not gotten them to work. So I say congrats to GOG for making it work, and I will be picking it up this coming weekend.

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Ah finally, Wizardry 8. I've

Ah finally, Wizardry 8. I've been having a bear of a time getting my boxed copy to run!


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