Mario Games I've Never Played, Thank the Gods

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How well do you know Mario? Did you know about all of Mario's Bastard Children? Read about some truly obscure Mario Bros.-licensed titles of all sorts--is "Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up" on anyone's top ten list? It seems that Nintendo's brief spasm of cross-platform licensing didn't last long, and, judging by the looks of these titles, that's a good thing. When will parents learn? Educational games suck--and so do devices that try to trick you into learning or getting in shape. No broccoli in my ice cream, no vitamins in my beer. That's all I ask. Now, back to that DIY tanning bed you can make out of a microwave...


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Mario's FUNdamentals

I remember a game called "Mario's FUNdamentals" back in the 1995 timeframe when I worked in Computer City (Tandy-owned, which was eventually bought out by CompUSA) that I used to play on the Macintosh computers there. I hate to say it, but I used to love "Go Fish" in that game. It actually had quite a bit of personality to it and was simply fun, fun, fun. "Mario Teaches Typing" wasn't bad per se, but it was too much like every other typing tutor. Frankly I don't know of anyone who learned how to touch type using any of those things. I learned more from classes in school (on electric typewriters no less) and just constant use of computers at home more than any other way. I also have the CD-i game, "Hotel Mario", which is actually one of the better Nintendo games on that system, but going through the doorways was rather annoying. It was a quality product, it was just missing that certain something...

By the way, they mention the prototype "Mario's Wacky Worlds" for the CD-i. It looked brilliant and despite the lack of scrolling, would have no doubt been a solid game, certainly serving as inspiration for Super Mario World. In many ways it was more attractive. As for the CD-i controller comment, the author obviously isn't aware of the large array of control options for the CD-i, including excellent Logitech gamepads...

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