Projectors, HD, and a $600 PS3

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There's a great deal of cool techie things on the net today, so I'll try to cover as many of them as possible. First off, check out DIY Projetor, which will lead you to a site that explains how to build a home projector for "pennies": Imagine a 120" HDTV screen in your living room. No problem! But wait--what about that HD DVD player? Ewww...icky format war. Don't buy anything until you've read Reasons that HD DVD formats have already failed. The article makes an interesting point about why incompatibility works for game consoles but not DVD formats--and leaves a big question mark in my mind about Sony's committment to Blu-Ray in the PS3.

Once you have your projector up, be sure to check out the Ars System Guide to ensure your PC is up to "hot rod" specs. Yeah...Oh, well, my humble machine is quite capable of playing the Ten Manliest Games of All Time, thank you very much--and I believe even my cell could handle this fun little copter game.

Today's honorable mention is this interview with Bing Gordon of EA, in which he discusses EA's dangerous gamble with Sega (and even admits to reverse engineering the Genesis!) Fascinating stuff...