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anybody played it? I picked it up on STEAM sale and tried it last night. I must say I like it alot but it suffers from QT events.. The first one and the manual has no info on what buttons to push.. it says left to right.. is that my mouse (i use for turning) or my left right keys? then it uses two icons (not buttons) for button mapping.. which is which? my first quick time even was brutal.. i wasn't sure if i was doing anything right and kept dying.. A quick scan of the 3-4 page manual was no help. The in game tutorial didn't help.. frustration when you have no idea if you are hitting right keys, and if you are is it just your timing? you add that all up, right keys? poor timing? right buttons? I got lucky and found out this is a problem many PC players asked.. after figuring out what keys where what i have found no issues with the QT events.. but its all but impossible to know what your doing wrong when there are 3-4 things, you are hitting the right back forth buttons, but not the action one.. so you hit different back forth but hte right action one.. nothing works.. till all are correct, then if your timing is off.. its like a lever puzzle.. their are 4 levers, but 100's of combinations, and only one is right. MY gripe is poor manual and tutorial (there is no mention to drop from a rope is "SHIFT" anywhere that i could find.. there is an ACTUAL YOUTUBE Video on it!!!!!!!) Stuff like this can make and break a game.. the actual game is awsome.. the manual and tutorial are worthless.

I find it a pretty good game (if that first paragraph didnt seem like it), the story has me interested, other then the QT events the puzzles are good and LC arsenal of gadgets is good. I would say its the best "movie" game i have played since Drakes Fortune III.. I crave more.. its to bad selling 3.5 Million copies is a flop.. its doubtful there will be more.

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I bought it for the

I bought it for the PlayStation 3, but in typical fashion, have yet to play it. I still have to play the Wii U Lego game, and the new God of War as well. Talk about back logged...


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