Mark Plays... Silpheed (PC / MS-DOS)

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Silpheed is the name of the ship you fly in this 1988 game released on MS-DOS, it was originally developed on the PC8801 & FM-7 computer systems and later ported to MS-DOS, Apple II and the Tandy Coco (!!!). I originally encountered this game first on the SegaCD/MegaCD but that was a remake of the original shown here.

A great sequel called Silpheed: The Lost Planet came out for the PlayStation 2 and I just happen to own that game as well so another video with that will probably pop-up eventually.

There's also a Silpheed game on the xbox 360 which is called ' Project Sylpheed' .


Bill Loguidice
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Very cool, Mark. I made a

Very cool, Mark. I made a point of collecting many of the various computer Silpheed and Thexder games and their related sequels. While I favor those games on the more obscure platforms like Apple IIgs and CoCo 3, there's no denying that these were important action games for a PC platform at the time hungry for them, and certainly one of the early incursions of Japanese developers on those types of computers in the US.


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