Serendipitous Clip From the GameRoom on April 28th 2013 (ad-hoc style)

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Mark Vergeer
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Wanted to play some WiiU and was greeted by a system update, that made me grab my FlipHD camera (which has atrocious battery life) and film that process including an impromptu ad-hoc game room tour totally ignoring my PSP collection :P
Ah well it doesn't get any better than this.

There's even an Amiga Demo at the end 'Hallucinations and Dreams' a great Amiga demo with a good soundtrack that makes me feel alive and awake! I currently am on a 24hr shift so I need that, Cola and input!

Nathaniel Tolbert
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Somewhat amusing

Not the collection mind you, that is fantastic and a wonder to look at, but I must admit since I haven't really watched a large amount of your video collections it was amusing to hear you say 'A whole shitload of NES Games.' I spit water all over my monitor. Thankfully everything is working fine. Wonderful collection by the way. I have almost no console games, but I have a couple hundred classic computer games, not including Atari ST, Amiga, C64 and Macintosh games. My collections will never be massive though, as there isn't the space to display it nor the money to really purchase it.


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