Online watchface-generator for the Pebble watch with bonus Armchair Arcade face

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Pebble Armchair Arcade FacePebble Armchair Arcade FacePaul, aka @prode81 on Twitter, has made available one of the first Pebble watch apps, a nifty Web browser-based watch face generator. The link is here, and it's a simple, but great way to experiment with your own Pebble watch without knowing a lick of programming. Check the image below to see how the Armchair Arcade watch face turned out, plus you can scan the QR code with your phone to put it on your own Pebble. If you like Paul's work, don't forget to donate!

Pebble Armchair Arcade Face QR CodePebble Armchair Arcade Face QR Code or

Armchair Arcade Pebble Watch Face


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there are some kick butt

there are some kick butt battery solutions out there but they have the side effect of being very dangerous if abused.. we have had batteries for many years and people are just to used to paying ZERO attention to them. Hence some of the better solutions are just not commercial as the companies would be sued left and right for some dumbazz throwing um lose in a drawer and them shorting on some metal and burning the house down. Dont get me wrong, there are no "super" battiers out there.. but there are better solutions then what we use normally that can last longer.. There are a couple breakthroughs just around the corner.. (years unfortnatly) there is a new type that is pretty much double what we have now, but they take way to long to charge, but would be awesome for low power units.. (ipods/cell phones/etc) but anything that draws a bit more.. they cant power.. but again.. they are in the "can explode if not properly charged and maintained" area.. and there is the problem, to make um consumer grade they simply cant have room for the idiots the average consumer is.. even the new Lithium ones are quite nasty if you mess um up (they can explode). I dont suspect we will see any HUGE breakthrough.. Lithium is about 80%-90% efficient i beleive (you get 80% of the power put in back out) which is pretty impressive.. right now we need capacity in smaller sizes.. and that is something that i have read of no breakthroughs in for ages.. efficiency is where they are making progress.

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My Space Invaders/Vintage

My Space Invaders/Vintage Games book watchface, plus the online watchface app generator has been updated:

My Space Invaders/Vintage Games book watchface

And the QR Code to scan to snag it yourself:
Space Invaders - Vintage Games Pebble Watch Face: Seize the Day!Space Invaders - Vintage Games Pebble Watch Face: Seize the Day!

And again, the link to the online watchface generator:


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