Matt Chat 190: Divine Divinity

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I'm back this week with a retrospective of Larian Studio's Divine Divinity, a 2002 release. It's a brilliant take on the Diablo genre, with immaculate artwork and one of the best soundtracks ever.

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This was one of my favorite

This was one of my favorite Diablo clones.. there was another (forget name) where you could be a vampire class.. looked very much like this.. (in fact maybe a addon for this? I really hate to say it but my memory is going bye bye as i age.. I always felt DIABLO was good but simple and short, the clones after it often added alot of "meat" to the game, this being one, and it was not short.. I'm surprised so much dislike for Divinity 2 in the (youtube) comments.. Divinity 2 while not a Diablo clone (more a Oblivion clone) is a very good game IMHO, an unknown gem. This company makes some pretty good games.

Rowdy Rob
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Loved the video! Diablo clones...

One overlooked Diablo clone that I've been enjoying recently is "Nox." It's available on GoG, and make no mistake... it's a clone. But it's a good one, in that it plays close enough to Diablo to be familiar, but has a few differences that set it apart (more linear, more humor, a few more abilities, etc.). Heck, I'll go so far as to say it's my favorite Diablo clone.

Divine Divinity, based on this video, looks quite different from Diablo, actually. I heard it was a clone, so I was surprised, based on Matt's video, that it seems more like Planescape:Torment than Diablo. I playhed "Divine Divinity 2' back in the day, but I lost interest in that one quickly, even though it had an initially cool premise.

Speaking of Planescape, I've been on a Planescape:Torment kick recently. Great game so far! And I've been playing Far Cry also.

Anyhow, I enjoyed this week's Matt Chat (as usual).

Matt Barton
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I noticed that some of my

I noticed that some of my YouTube friends objected violently to calling DD a diablo clone. I think I called it a diablo-like, like a roguelike, but they insist that the emphasis on interactivity sets it apart. I politely disagree. At least as far as I've seen, the ability to pick up objects like cups and such is just not developed enough in that incarnation to make me think it really is a fundamentally different style of game. I also don't see any reason why its classification as a diablo-like would diminish it; even the designers seem keen to compare it to the obvious inspiration.


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