JXD s7300b upgrading to xSampleSkelromv2

Rob Daviau's picture

Since this video I have already "UPDATED" to the latest xSampleSkelromv3.0 !
NOTE: I do NOT support such devices, answer questions or make your decisions on if it is worth buying, THAT IS FOR YOU TO DECIDE! I decided by watching MobileDecays videos on the device:
AND BY RESEARCHING, ASKING QUESTIONS and LEARNING over on the s7300 (JXD Decvices) Threads over at the Dingoonity forums, the developers of the custom ROMS hang out there. Check it out to see if flashing the device, tweaking, optimizing is something you are willing to do and try for yourself and if you have any questions POST THEM THERE! http://boards.dingoonity.org/jxd-devices/

I personally like to tweak/tinker/flash roms etc, If that sounds intimidating at all then do yourself a favour and buy a local brand of supported device like the Google Nexus 7.