Why for me Matt chat lost its edge

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I think that in last 2 years Matt Chat such good how it was. Why do I think ?

In past we had every month 4 new usualy vintage games reviews, which was great. Now we have usualy maybe 1 game review (on readers request) and 1 or 2 interview chopped in 2 or 3 parts, that are served in weeks period.. what is far worse.

Im now generaly againts of interview, once for example once per month, but like that it is majority of Matt chat. I also dont like, dividing video in more parts, i think that such interview, dont too much editing and postproduction as game review. I fell, that Matt dont want to invest so much energy into Matt chat, as before.. and this is reason, why so prefer now interviews, which could be chopped and used for 3 Matt chatts in row..
Im also missing Matts podcast, which were much deeper that his youtube videos and even without bear testing :)

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The show

The interviews are important. If there's one common thread with Matt Chat, and what Matt and Bill do, it's definitely documenting gaming for future generations. ESPECIALLY the more rare stuff (SSI games, off-system games. the less popular stuff). There's tons of people out there documenting the NES era stuff, but not so many the home computer side.

There's not a lot of people doing this properly. Fortunately, these folks are. Buy "Vintage Games" sometime. It's a great read.

If you're looking for "Lets Play" vids, there are tons out there. I DO enjoy Matt's Lets Play vids - and I look forward to them. They are just one piece of the puzzle, though.

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Funny on forums sometimes you read the title of a thread and before even looking at the name YOU KNOW ALREADY who posted it.

Well, RUTHAN as you can see already and as I am sure you are use to, you are in the minority. Just go away already.

Not satisfied? DO SOMETHING BETTER or shut up.

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No edge lost...

Don't agree, no edge is lost for me. Matt's chats are thoroughly enjoyable as always.

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I don't profess to be a

I don't profess to be a subber or a regular viewer of MattChat - however I have watched a fair old number of his videos and I find them splendid. Matt is very easy to listen to and I've always enjoyed the content and the presentation.

Unfortunately good content takes time to create - so if the content has tailed off in volume (can't say I've noticed) so what? As long as the quality remains I would find it hard to criticise.

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i love the interviews..

i love the interviews.. especially when they discuss old games.. hearing how stuff was done int he past is very cool. Only Youtube "show" i watch..

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Disagree. I think the show is fine how it is. I do favor the interviews however and I'm fine with them being in multiple parts. Personal opinion perhaps.


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