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Hi, all! I'm back this week to chat with Swen Vincke, the founder of Larian Studios, a Belgian outfit. Swen is a hilarious and passionate dude, so this is a riot even if you're not a big fan of Divine Divinity. The new game is definitely worth checking out, though, since it's a big move from action to turn-based battles. They've also got some great ideas for item combining and co-op concepts. This is one where I really want them to not just hit the basic goal, but start getting into their stretch goals. Check out their Kickstarter and see this thing; I'm sure you're enjoy it if you're at all into RPGs. Their kickstarter video has a genuine LOL moment that will have you in tears.

Download the video here.


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I dont know, i like that these guys trying to do rpg in europe with small team, but unlike Piranha(Gothic+Risen) Divinyty 2 for me was generic boring mix of hack and slash and Diablo (and i like Diablo as great atmospheric action soft game). I played it few hours and after i dont wanted to continue. I missed depth..

Especialy i dont like their fantasy settings with dragon shifters, zeppelins.. nps.. and bright colors epic fantasy world.

In this video, after 7:00 is part of game, which cast out makes me disgusted:
And this repetive music in video is also torture tool itself.

There are better europian companies and games - Gothic, Risen i already mentioned, Witcher is much better, Two Worlds series is better, Drakensang series.. so Divinity isnt nothing special.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

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Super inspiring interview

This was super cool. Swen is really inspiring. I think Larian studio looks like a very cool place to work. I could just feel the energy flowing through the entire interview. I just upped my pledge on kickstarter...

Matt, when you asked Swen about X-COM I think he thought you talked about the new game while in fact you talked about the original one. Remember that the original X-COM was called "UFO - Enemy Unknown" in Europe - not X-COM. That is why he is talking about the use of camera angle.


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