C64 Double Screen Compo 2013 Entries

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The deadline for all entries was on March 31st, so I figured I would present a comprehensive list of the entries for the Commodore 64 2013 Double Screen Compo. The theme this year was water in a rather expansive context which could include as they put it "part of a landscape, something surreal, raindrops, animals swimming in a river, arrangements with geometric bodies, a person drinking something, a liquid sculpture, a deep sea motif.".

One caveat: Some images are suggestive and some do contain nudity. It's all in a rather artful representation.. nothing gratuitous- but I figured it was worth pointing out.

To learn more about this contest, you can visit their website here... or just click the images below to view them from this site.


Matt Barton
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Mermaid, eh? LOL. You know

Mermaid, eh?

LOL. You know you guys clicked on that one first. ;)

Mark Vergeer
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I guess I did...

Matt Barton wrote:
Mermaid, eh? LOL. You know you guys clicked on that one first. ;)

Wow looking back I think I did...


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