Flash Game: Bomberjam by Mark Foster

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I just stumbled upon this fun little flash game from Mark Foster called Bomberjam. The game is a local two player territory annihilation game which draws upon some Bomberman and Qix gameplay mechanics.

The game starts out with two on-screen opponents and (not always) equally divided territory. When a player explodes a bomb near the opposing players border, it converts the surrounding area to his own color.. the basic premiss is to remove your opponents territory until you have succeeded in backing him into a corner and then blowing him up with a bomb.

While the game is great as it is, it would be nice to have a computer opponent.. or perhaps even have some form of network play. With a bit more tweaking I could see this being a great office stress reliever... or time waster.. I guess it depends on what side of management you're on. :-)

Controls are as follows-
· Player 1 Controls are W, A, S, D to Move, and E for Bombs.
· Player 2 Controls are Arrow keys to Move, and SPACE for Bombs.

** To play, click on game below and use the controls mentioned above.

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