What effect does DRM have on your software purchases?

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I prefer software that has DRM.
3% (3 votes)
I don't like it, but I understand the need for it and don't mind.
11% (10 votes)
I simply do not care about DRM.
2% (2 votes)
I would much rather avoid products with DRM.
60% (52 votes)
I refuse to buy anything with DRM.
23% (20 votes)
Total votes: 87


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I wish it was so easy to

I wish it was so easy to decide.. Humans, we are sadly bad about policing ourselves. DRM free games are successful, so the PIRATE- no money argument is invalid.. but is it that simple? My big hate on games is the lack of ability to return.. NO GAME should be without a demo. DRM compounds it (keys) you cant return a used key its locked to my name and login... game is worthless. I have no problem with them trying to protect the game.. no matter how much we argue about pirates and lost money.. people will steal if its simple.. YES, many wont (majority I hope).. and I use it from time to time, but its sorta wrong.. the old punish the legit players.. the Pirates will still pirate thing.. Speed limits, do you think each and every driver can only handle a car to 75MPH? some shouldn't go that fast, others could probably drive 100...But we have to make it the same for all of us.. so we just punished those guys who could go 100, because me and you cant..It a model we have used forever..

I really think its simple.. can any of you say you don't have a MP3 on your systems you didn't pay for, that you know you shouldn't have?Any of you who dont.. you can argue this.. I cant.. I have pirated, I have MP3's I never paid for.. I speed.

I like the latest.. thoughts on the EMU for the UYOA.. people crying its promoting piracy because you can purchase a EMU on it.. no.. no its not.. a TOOL can never steel a game, run it or pirate it.. it can be used to do that.. but it cant without a HUMAN!!!! does giving a person the ability to do something make them do it? I could steel from any store in town, but its risk, and morally wrong.. so i don't. BUT I did steal a MP3, why.. i had to think about this.. because it was simple with the internet.. almost zero chance of being caught.. So should the NET BE BANNED? Think about this hard.. the net does lots of wondrfull things.. but its used for quite likely just as many unlawful things.. The reason we are not shutting the net down (more then they already want to police it) is its to useful.. its easy to target a small emu .. the people who use it are not those making the laws. Same reason cigarettes and booze are not outlawed.. to much money.. its been proved again and again how harmful they are..

sorry so of track (as normal for me) DRM is as bill said just part of software.. why we are getting so excited about it now is weird.. the ALWAYS on one I understand.. you cant play a game because you cant find your book or code disk.. that's your fault.. I cant lay because the net is down, servers are worked on etc.. I cant control that.. I get excited.. always on is bad.. but its just another way to do it.. If we really hated it we would skip BO4 and voice our opinion with are wallets.. but besides a few hickups it works most of the time.. so we keep paying for stuff with it.

i say, face it.. we are all going to take the easy way if we can.. at some point.. it feels like a pirated game or MP3 is victim less.. the only people who scream are corporate big wigs.. and most of us dont have alot of sympathy for those guys..Not only for the huge cash they make, but the companies they have drove into the ground, the great game devs destroyed.. game franchise wiped out by um etc.. ( us pirating has NOTHING to do with studios closeing, right? ya sure) WE put the big Corps face on the person we are stealing from and feel ok with it.. They have to do something to keep us from doing it.. problem is simple, there is no good way..

Bring back the code wheel..

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Steam is as close as I can get to finding DRM acceptable. The downside being you can't sell it.

Bill Loguidice
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We've had to deal with DRM

We've had to deal with DRM since the beginning of computer gaming, be it a manual lookup, code wheel, disks with bad sectors that would give your disk drive a good grinding, or the modern version of an Internet check. As long as I can play, I don't mind, but it does cause issues, particularly with trying to give away a copy of a game. For instance, a few years back I was given a used copy of Spore, but it wouldn't let me play it because it was previously activated. That's when the whole process falls down.

As for the always-on Internet thing, frankly, that's a requirement to use most modern devices, so you're going to be doing without a lot of things - not just certain games - if you don't have a reliable connection. That has nothing specific to do with the games themselves and whether or not there should be DRM because of that.

Matt Barton
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I do all my gaming at home

I do all my gaming at home and have a fairly reliable internet connection, so these aren't as hellfire-irritating as they are to people who aren't as fortunate. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be when you can't play the new game you bought just because your network is glitchy. It'd be on you if it was an internet-based game, but if it's a single-player thing...Yeah, that is just wrong.

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On average - I don't mind DRM as much as most folks. I prefer Steam usually. I will be avoiding EA products because I do not like the "always on" DRM model.

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