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Yeah, that's the position I'm

Yeah, that's the position I'm in. I'm still not done with Towns just yet, and I've been watching the Don't Starve beta closely.

I bought Dishonored and only played about 5% of it. Just hasn't hooked me. The fact that it's so popular and gotten such rave reviews makes me think I'm just not that type of gamer anymore. I'd hate to blow another $60 on a game that isn't personally fun. The other Bioshocks were okay to me; I liked the unique setting, but it wasn't anything I savored to rush home to play.

I'm really disappointed that SimCity was handled so piss poorly, since that was one I was really looking forward to and saw myself losing a few weeks to.

Oh, well, here's hoping some of those damn kickstarters I paid for will deliver something awesome.

On a side note, I recently wrapped up Saints Row 3 with a friend of mine on STEAM co-op. That was definitely worth the $20 or whatever we spent on it. Great fun.

My brother is addicted to League of Legends and has been badgering us to play that. Not really my thing; I just cant' get used to the way you move the camera in that game. I think I'm just done with games where the bulk of the satisfaction comes from beating somebody. I want something I can really get immersed in where I'm competing with myself to get better.

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soooooo close.. the first one

soooooo close.. the first one was such a good atmosphere.. it felt like a 30's sci fi movie.. bit cheezy but awesome.. I was not thrilled with the upgrade system, (sudo vending machines).. but otherwise.. dang cool game.. the big Daddys instilled a real dread when you knew one was around.. the hacking and making pets of the mech sentries was fun.. I like any game that gives you different ways to do stuff, run and gun or stealth or turning stuff against the bad guys. It had some flaws (end battle was almost impossible) and there was never enough juice for the "good guy" player.

2 was .. so-so.. all the good stuff was their.. but without a rabid fanbase (think Halo or COD) it felt to .. repeated.. the faster Big mamma (was that the name?) made a Juggernaut monster that you feared and respected into a .. don't know what to say.. Devs said.. Big daddies are cool, slow, lumbering, unstoppable.. what if the one weakness they have is gone.. slow.. make um friggin monkeys that can jump anywhere.. that out to terrorize the masses.. it felt like Bio-Shock ++ same game but we speed it up.

I really respect he devs as the original felt new.. it really looks like the 3rd one will feel new again.. The open air looks good.. and it still retains that danger thing. Underwater and drowning.. now open space, fall to your death.. still restricted but doesnt appear that way...

$60 is just to much for me, I simply dont buy new anymore unless its a Must have (this one being dang close). I still haven't finished Dishonored (my "best game in the last 6 months" so I can wait.. I WILL HAVE IT.. recently jumped into Wiz 8 and Bulders gate Enhanced.. and have been quite happily playing both...

I hear the new Star Trek game is worth a look too.. not going to destroy the "movie games suck" thing, but I hear its a pretty serviceable game.. above average .. but only just.. but if you love the source, its worth a look. Not to mention Crysis 3 (damn you EA.. no Orgin for me I may get it "elsewhere") Farcry 3 (the orgional was a favorite of mind, huge open world, and new one goes back to that). New Tomb Raider is getting good word of mouth too, short but good. Borderlands 2 level cap and exp..

Man I am just overwhelmed.. winter winding down and i got a huge MMORPG addiction going.. I been revisiting old games.. LOTR, AD&DOnline, AOC, Vanguard, Terra, DCOnline and I broke down and paid $16 for SECRET WORLD (i liked the beta, but never bought it at release).

DConline still has a thriving player base, and felt quite fun.. the story driven missions resulting in a Major DC villain fight at end are simply fun.
AOC- easliy the most improved MMORPG.. its just a better game now then launch, and it was pretty good till endgame at launch. its to bad, this might be one of the best that nobody will ever try again...
Vanguard- still retains some of its old Hardcore roots, but might be the BEST blend between EQ's PURE HARDCORE status, and WoW's simplification.. its about in the middle.. gameplay wize.. to bad its got to small a following to ever warrant huge additions. it will never have the "do this or this, or this" of WoW, and it will never appeal to the HARDCORE.. strangely middle ground is .. not what the people wanted it seems.. of course its more of .. it flopped to start, is much better and nobody knows.
LOTR and AD&D are both pretty good as they where.. they just have more content now..
Terra- .. not sure what to say.. still the same as it was to start.. just not doing it for me..

Secret World- liked the Beta.. liking the Free to Play.. but 3 nights of (far to much playing) play do not make a great game.. but the modern day horror, the secret groups, the same old quests dressed up more like riddles and clue hunts.. the computer quests (open a web page and you actually google for answers.. you can simply hit a "cheat" page and get the answer or do it like the game wanted.. (example) picture frame of 4ht of july and quote on it..."music from my favorite composer on the night we met" then the computer has a pasword with a hint of "composed it in 1886" you use google and hunt down a composer from 1886 who did some 4th of july music.. (it was more complex then this, the hints and such) it was fairly fun and taught me something new)) Yes I do like the secret World..

to dang many games.. BioShock has to wait.. for me at least.

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