Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition $9.99 today

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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition on Steam is $9.99 today.. not earth shattering but thought i would mention it.

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Instead of playing the

Instead of playing the Enhanced Edition I can recommend playing the original version from GOG with the recommend set of mods. I have read several sources that said that this give a better experience. For instance, this allows you to play the entire game of Baldur's Gate 1 + Tales of the Sword Coast + Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal as as single long story.

Personally I am currently playing through this. I am currently in Throne of Bhaal and my character is around level 23. I has been a long adventure but also very cool.

For a summary of the MODs to install look here:

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Yeah, it's in there, but I

Yeah, it's in there, but I just don't find it very natural. Still doesn't make it feel like a turn-based game IMO. I do like turning on the auto-pause for spotting enemies and traps though.

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you can get baldur's gate to

you can get baldur's gate to pause between each turn as well it's in the options menu. I cannot remember the exact location but it is there.

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time and time again old games

time and time again old games bring back some good and some bad ... this game is brutal if you don't save non stop. I played most of today and could play an hour or so with no saves and be fine.. (till i hit a bad battle and had to restart) and the next time the first few mobs would kill me.. random dice numbers are .. random for sure! :) back in the 80's (and the 90's)saving after every battle was just what you did.. now it seems just wrong.. its like the old loot chest thing.. save before opening it, then keep reloading till you got what you wanted.. I remember if i get a level or two in the game does get more "level" so you wont have to save constantly and is more fun.. I am frustrated at the moment done several quests and such.. but the spider basement is giving me fits.. 12 tries.. no luck.. poison and so far don't have a way to remove it (and sadly the first time I did it.. won easy ... but didn't save and lost my main character to the Inn assassin) so had to start over.. i curse the random number generator sometimes :)

start 1: Wild Mage.. killed by dire wolf (2nd battle)
start 2: Mage(vanilla) killed by dire wolf (around 5th battle) why the heck are there dire wolves randomly at start.. i see wolves .. but the DIRE ones are to much at start of game.
start 3: Dorf Bezerker: died at Inn ( assassin you cant avoid if you want to go to inn)
start4: Human Fighter: inn assassin again
start 5: kill spiders in basement with necro and halfling (and me and thief) but die to inn assassin
start 6: Human Fighter: I have learned to save after very battle.. killed assassin on first try (wth?) killed first Dire wolf i ran into too.. yet 2 xarts killed the necro and me.... again WTH? reload.. xarts are killed before we engage even this time with bows.. Hit OGRE (belt quest) have druid now .. roots in place and plink it death with sling and arrows.. easy.. forgot to save.. died in spider basement.. reload.. ogre kills 2 of my party.. reload, ogre kills me, reload.. kill ogre.. .. hit basement and die.. reload and explore town a bit more run into wild witch battle.. die on first attempt (just me).. decide to try basement a few more times.. die 3-4 times.. go back to witch.. get her and drop necro (and halfling as they are a set).. back to basement.. at least 12 attempts in total.. and poisoned all times and no way to remove it. gave up for day.. resist temptation to read up on how to win.. complain here about random number generator.. but still enjoyed it quite a bit.. plan to play more tomorrow for sure..

spent an hour or two in Wiz 8 Also.. noticed i was saving after every battle too.. but in this game battles are 10+ minutes sometimes.. didn't feel like repetition like it did in BG.. both use some what the same type of combat.. pause give orders.. take turn, rinse repeat.. Wiz8 stops between each turn unless you turn it off.. BG only stops if you ask it to.. but in early game the micro managing isn't so huge as you have very limited spells and abilities.. most spells are so weak (at start) they do not turn the tied of battle.. (utility spells are huge though)..

old school is still fun.

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I may get it at that price to

I may get it at that price to join the iPad version...


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