Am I Too Old to be considered "A Gamer"?

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I too can spend hours

I too can spend hours "making" stuff and prefer it to "playing". It started in the c-64 days Racing Destruction set, Pinball Construction Set, and later the AMIGA and SUECK (yes I know it won on c-64 too) which lead to stuff like AMOS (game programming language for the AMIGA) and later Blitz Basic, gamemaker etc.. But the Quick and dirty stuff was what i enjoyed the most.. SUECK, Gamemaker and of course BTCK, DOOM, Quake, and now L4D game editors, more like giant tinker toy sets.. I can spend a month developing a level .. and decide after all that work.. its crap and just start over.. I have 2 L4D maps that have got some OK comments and see them played from time to time.. to bad L4D2 came out.. I havent converted them ( why convert, just make new :) )

I really think making is the creative part of us.. some enjoy that, i know I sure do.. from stuff as simple as drawing, to arranging pre built.. I think its where you excel at writing.. I enjoy that too, but find it far harder then almost any other creative thing i do.

you haven't won Grimrock..? I have spent more time with the editor then I did playing it :)

and your never to old.. Unless its RAP.. listening to most RAP lyrics you know they are wrote by 10 year olds :) get me some b!tchs, smoke me some cops! no adult who acts the correct age talks like that..

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