Is gaming becoming a disposable past-time?

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Mark Vergeer
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Games are culture, like books, music and movies. I want to be able to continue to read my grandfather's books. Listen to my dad's tracks and play the games from my childhood as well as play the newer games with my young cousins and nieces. I want them to be able to enjoy the things I did as a kid. That is part of human nature. We tell each other stories. It's who we are.

Media companies, be it music, movie or gaming seem to want to take that away. Every single pair of eyes or set of ears needs to pay! Pay for content that evaporates once it has been consumed. And that cannot be inherited or shared! Pay up suckers

Bill Loguidice
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I think when streaming

I think when streaming catalogs becomes ubiquitous (sort of a universal OnLive), in combination with services like, we'll be all right in the end. Obviously there are other initiatives like that are attempting to catalog and make available the rest of the stuff... Certainly more needs to be done, but I do get the sense that this is all starting to be taken much more seriously. Obviously we'll lose a lot more of our history before everything is in place that should be, but again, I do see some hope.


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