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This video was inspired by SteveBenway playing this game his Amiga, in the comments were quite a few comments on the missing dual joystick action and I thought I'd give the Arcade original a whirl. Read more below...

Steve's video can be found here:

Steve's channel can be found here:

A nice comparison video on a lot of different ports:

A video on the excellent ZX Spectrum port:

The Amstrad CPC version is very fast and plays well:

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This and Gauntlet where a

This and Gauntlet where a couple of my favorite Multi Player games.. 2 Players on SMASH TV was quite an intense fun feeling. Sadly this game was made in the "no matter how skilled you are , your putting more quarters in to continue" days. This was the game that influenced my MAME machine build the most, I HAD TO HAVE 2 joysticks per person.. (which also worked out good as we could play the 4 player games then too). This games BOSS is a NO WIN.. He took minutes to beat.. The follow up is easier to play and in some way more fun (its done more in a COMMANDO type game play so you are not limited to small room for movement) Total Carnage. I suggest checking it out too as its quite funny and pokes fun at the IRAQ war (different times, couldn't do that anymore).

I built my MAME arcade machine with this game in mind.. its one of my top 20 for sure.. Tempest being my favorite and Discs of Tron a close second. (and I cant play either of those) but i do have a DOT spinner to set up some day in my mame machine. Me and a Buddy recently played about an hour of Smash TV. After getting mY Race Driving setup i got the Mame machine running again (it hasn't been on in 3-4 years, MB BIOS issues) and we played Smash TV, ms Pac Man (his favorite) and quite a few others.

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