Path Of Exile- What Diablo 3 wanted to be

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Have you ever started playing a new game (DOTA2) that you liked, and then hit a game you LOVE? I was just starting my DOTA2 learning and a friend recommended a game called PATH OF EXILE. I had heard of it, but pretty much dismissed it. Its a Diablo clone but MMORPG style. SO Diablo 2 with updated graphics and town hubs, a bit like Torchlight was going to be (and the game it was derived from was, Mythos). While I enjoyed Mythos it just wasnt going to be a big one in my list of games, hence I dismissed Path of Exile.

Friday I loaded it up (its free) setup my account and logged in, the game appears to hang at start, but its just a slow connection rate. 1-2 minuts and the login screen appears and you can select your characters. Right away it feels generic, a Tank(marauder), a DPS (ranger), a Caster (witch) with a interesting twist.. combo classes, Tank+witch=Templar, so there are 3 cross class characters, the Templar, the duelist, and the Shadow. Again, nothing to write home about, but neat twist on combo classes.

it starts with the same old things, prisoner, shipwrecked (way to make the story deep from the git go guys!!!) :) you get one weapon (not equipped) and you have to start there. SO far most dialog (quests) are voiced.. there are very few, but they work.. Again, like DIablo.. kill the mob in the "cave of death" get a reward. it uses way-points, portal scrolls and identify.. and sockets on equipment.. you fight and move like Diablo, have a chest in each town to swap and store stuff forever. WOW, its DIABLO!!!!! well that is where it ends being a clone and starts doing a BLIZZARD (taking somebody elses idea and refining it to awesome, that my trademark on that term, about time some did it back to um).

Gem slots (gems are basicly spells or bonus))- you can mix and match REMOVE without penalty and keep the gem. They are rare and often quest rewards. the Difference, they LEVEL .. and you may or may not want them to. My ranger has say a FORK gem.. I put in on my bow, I shoot 3 arrows now.. with all three doing 30% less dmg then the one, if i put the FORK gem in a hat.. it levels (im level 6 a fork gem level 1 will maybe do 20% of normal damage, a fork gem level 6 will do 75%) but levels mean more MANA usage.. all skills require mana. SO a Ranger with so-so mana regen has a high level ability it will suck up mana quick, it might be better to keep it lover level and use it more (something I DECIDE!, love that) The other cool thing is every class can use every other classes spells(gems).. so my Witch makes ZOMBIES.. my ranger can too.. but as gems level they have requirements.. so caster Gems require INT (like Armour in DIablo)

Classes- the other cool thing, you want a Witch that can sword and Board.. you can.. its harder, but in the end you may be the baddest Witch in the land. Each class is dependent on one attribute.. Str, Dex, or INT and the combo classes 2 which have to be managed as you see fit.

Skill Tree's- Remember Diablos 2 awesome skill tree? POE skill tree makes Diablo 2 look like child's play.. its HUGE (take a peek)
this is where this game shines.. you can make a character you want.

So why should you check it out? If you enjoyed Diablo 2, this is a SPICED up version, same game with new game mechanics and some incredible character building. Its FREE.. it looks good. you can SOLO or group with no penalties.

Negatives- it can have lag.. its been very rare for me, but I do notice it from time to time. its a BETA . Its a Free2Play.. I have not researched the cash shop, but its my understanding its cosmetic stuff for sale.. glowing flame sword.. green haze around your character, etc.. dont worry each peice of equipment has its own look so you will show if you have good items.

I been playing non stop for a few days and am looking forward to more tonight.

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I always felt D1 was way to

I always felt D1 was way to short, but i guess when you enjoy a game it ends to soon. D2 I did spend the hours and hours, grinding the levels for equipment and still have about one of each character way up in level 70-99 (yes i played to much). D3.. I was playing hardcore, but have not went past act4..

Path OF Exile.. loving and hating it.. Hardcore (permadeath) I got to mid 30's.. and died to LAG!!!! now I'm having a problem .. love to play, but playing on normal just seems to easy.. Hardcore is a must for me.. but I cant control lag.. and 30 levels is alot of playtime to lose to Lag.. I restarted with a Witch.. and am having fun.. but building a zombie raising powerhouse comes to a screeching halt on boss levels with no minions.. no corpses to raise.. and my Witch is paper thin.. 1 shottable by boss.. so killing them is long and hard, i just killed the Jailer (think D2 Butcher) and it took over 30 minutes to whittle him down. Dang I like this game.

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I have now finished the Diablo I on my tablet in PSX emulator, this is the only Diablo game that really had an atmosphere. Yes it is good and evil cliche, but only few games simple have such good worlds lore, and background story under big boss, even if its a bit minimalistic, first installment even contain majority of story of second (already developed).

Diablo 2 has great skill tree system, hardcore good=> differents builds in for same class, but aftmosfere is mostly gone:
ACT1: a bit steril western medievel outdoor eviroment, eventhing limited by stupid stone wall
ACT2: i dont like, too much arabic lore, but here it works, except some vultures, maggots etc.. foe, which were stupid
ACT3: amosfere killer for me, stupid jungle which does not fit to Diablo world
ACT4: this implemention of colorfull hell lost atmosfere of firts Diablos hell
ACT5: very but design and wall and snow

Back to the system, i isnt bad, but i dont like these grind to experience again, again games, there realy should something more. Good example is TES, great simple since Daggerfall, but there was story, great enviroment, zillions of possibilities.. in Diablo clone is only killing.

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