Noob- So you want to be a DOTA2 STAR

I played some DOTA in the Warcraft 3 days and enjoyed it but never found it more then a passing thing. Since then DOTA type games have came into there own and now are the Quakes, Unreal and CS of today. Many large Tournaments and worldwide gamers are into them now. DOTA for any of living under a rock is DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS which was a Warcraft 3 mod. it boils down to a sort of Tower Defense game where you run around with a hero and slowly fight your way to the enemies base. There are much better descriptions and i urge you to read them. The game has morfed and changed and has gained a huge following. VALVE has created DOTA 2, a updated version of the original but on the source engine. I had little interest but Valve released a spectator client so you could watch matchs and see how the game played. Again, not something I would normally do but some burn out on my standard games had me take a peak. With a renewed interest. DOTA 2 is in some long beta phase now, and you need an invite. A few posts on some DOTA boards and i find out pretty much anybody can get an invite if they ask, so I did.. and a few minutes later i was downloading it , and about 30 minutes I was playing, it uses your STEAM account so there is no setup.

YOU can play bot matches and when you start you have about 60 heroes to chose from. Here is where you start to understand the appeal, and your utter lack of knowledge. I scanned the heroes and picked a guy named LION how was ranged (i like ranged). The game is what i would call a simple stack game (using Simple when describing this game is just WRONG). For any of you old school game players you may remeber a game called Rescue Raiders, where you send out men across a battlefield and your enemy does the same.. the trick is you control a heli and are the X factor.. if you help your troops you can overpower the mirror troops your enemy is pushing at you. There are towers you can take over to move the game in your favor. DOTA plays like this, but the troops are automatically sent out, so if the Players (heroes) did nothing it would be a stalemate. The game mixes it up with 3 lanes of attack and 5V5 players.. so one lane always has a single player (or you can crush them by being all in one lane, but that leaves yours side open). There are aslo neutral mobs you can attack. Where the game gets complicated is your hero levels and gains abilities. You can also buy items, equip and use potions and such. Each Hero plays differently and can do different things. You need to mix and match so your team is not gimped ( all ranges and no tanks, etc). You gain level ( and money) by getting KILLING shots in.. so you even have to micro manage your attacks. The game is like a tactical persons wet dream as long as they can stand Real time combat and relentless players.

Enough background, you want to learn about the game, read. This is about a NOOB and how this game works out. Most online game are not NOOB friendly and in an ULTRA compatiative game like this where being new can really hurt your team, I'm venturing in to see how it goes. I have spent at least 4-5 hours reading the NOOB guides on the web and chose a NOB friendly Hero, a tank class that can stun.. SVEN (a norse Knight?) I may change this later. As the game allows bots i started with those. I quickly learned that pushing to destroy the enemy towers was not the best offence. The game wants you to kill and build your character. The game quickly teaches you that you need to learn to get "kill shots" to level. I clearly see i need practice at this. SO i spend several bot matches perfecting this.. no not really.. i spend several games getting better but see its just not a simple thing to do. I also loss the first few bot matchs, upside, nobody telling me about my sexual preferences in chat.

Day2: more bot match's, I can win them, I have played 6 and won 6.. I'm a DOTA 2 GOD!!! I still need a huge amount of work on kill shots and sadly I'm not getting hardly any KILLS (they only count player kills), but I do OK on assists. I am middle of pack (with bots) and from past experience know Bots are never as good as people.. so I need to improve that too. But I lead in deaths (yes my death).. I am too aggressive and need to learn that this game is TEAM, not lone wolf.. SO far I feel im improving but need less deaths ( they help the enemy team bu not only giving them exp and gold, but you are off the map for 20-30 seconds). This game is very deep, far deeper then I'm letting on, I see the reason this game is played by so many. its complex and there is a huge amount to learn. its fairly simple to control, but I can see witll take some true time to master. I still do not feel I am ready to step into LIVE games, but maybe tonight I will . Look for more posts down the line as learn to play (or dont) this game.