Your Top-10 Favorite Gaming Moments

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After watching one of Marks latest videos, it got me thinking about some of my favorite video gaming memories. We're all getting older- a point driven home every time I notice the yellowing of the boxes on my older games.. and it suddenly dawned on me just how much gaming history I've actually lived through.

So.. anyway. The point is, we all have gaming moments that we hold dear.. Not necessarily because they relate to amazing games... sometimes it's the people, events or times that those memories are attached to..

Mine are (In no particular order):

  • Mapping the town and dungeons in the early Bard's Tale games.. with my buddy Rob and eventually releasing a map editor called The Bard's Tailor.
  • Seeing God of War for the first time and wondering how in the hell they got such visceral and fluid action out of a PS2.
  • Playing endless rounds of Venture on the ColecoVision back in 1982 with my buddy Dave.
  • Non-stop games of M.U.L.E. on the Commodore 64 back in the early 80's... Buying and releasing mules to screw over other players... hoarding Smithore. Ahh.. good times. :-)
  • Playing Defender of the Crown all night long on the day my buddy Rob got his Amiga 1000. Totally blew me away.
  • First exposure to Ultima- in this case it was Ultima 4.. and completely falling in love with the game.. actually all games 1 thru 5. I never cared for 6 and up because I hated the new Chris Roberts inspired Times of Lore style interface.
  • Playing Parsec (one of the only good games I had) on my first computer- the TI-99/4A.
  • Skyrim in general... but specifically, dragons in Skyrim... wow.
  • Avenger on the C64... Don't know why this game sticks with me, but it was a fun little Gauntlet clone.
  • Playing King's Quest: Quest for the Crown with my buddy on his IBM PC Jr. For some reason I remember being floored by the graphics... go figure. :-)

So what are your top 10 favorite gaming memories?


Mark Vergeer
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Excellent post sir!

Excellent post. :)

Joined: 01/21/2009
-Tank- colecovision (right

-Tank- colecovision (right after pong) for christmas.. all the adults played and us kids couldnt.. so mad, but they finally let us- pure bliss
- My friends father getting the first $3000 IBM in town and playing Ultima II (I Believe) every night we could
-playing Pacman till the screen splits. a game i disliked till it was only one in town. NO rush like seeing game break.. no net back then so was just WOW!
-Marathon sessions of Utopia on the Intelvision with friends- the first GOD GAME!
-C-64 and Q-link.. my best online exp (the ones before where poor)
-AMIGA.. after the home PC before it .. it was just so awesome in all respects. I must admit I was coming into my own in regards to ability when i got it so that influences it too. Populous, Dungeon Master, TV Sports Football, Cracking my first Amiga game in a group.
-QUAKE tourney's being leader of a clan that placed 2nd natonialy out os some 400 clans.
-Everquest my first foray into a LARGE 2D world with other people (as in more then 5-10 like Meridian 59).. also (bad) my first game addiction
-BF42 best Online TEAM shooter ever
-Seeing a game I cracked for the amiga still being passed around 15+ years later
-Minecraft- seeing tools to create my own fantasy game with no story, almost nothing in such a simple form appeals to more then just me.. Knowing imagination is not dead.
Skyrim - (Copy Chip) the best RPG world so far (to me) and explorers wet dream.

Matt Barton
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nice one...Hm, let's see. 1.

nice one...Hm, let's see.

1. playing MULE with my family back in the day. Always a big thrill whenever my character was on top of the charts. I can't think of any other family-based game that was quite this much fun.

2. playing Empire with my dad. This was my first real strategy game, and we played the heck out of it. The turns would get to where they took upward of 20 minutes, which I didn't mind since I could then read Xanth or other fantasy books.

3. Playing WOW with my friend Max. Such a blast getting to level 80 with a good friend at your side. Later on we got into PVP and arena, which unfortunately burned us out.

4. Playing Civ 5 with friends and brother. Another great experience; Civ is addictive in one-player mode, but all the more fun when you can compare notes and team up on the AI.

5. Pool of Radiance. I had nobody to play this with, but it was just so awesome I didn't care.

6. X-Men arcade game with friends at McNeese. This was the only arcade game I really remember. It was a 4-player model and we'd go there on the weekends and pump in quarters. It wasn't so much that the game was awesome as it was just neat to be there with friends in co-op.

7. Settlers on the Amiga. I can think of very few games that engrossed me this totally for such long periods.

8. Death Sword (aka Barbarian) at McNeese. Another awesome memory. We'd have friends over and play match after match. My friend Max and I got into a bout one time that lasted for hours. Then--one slip--and I managed to chop his head off.

9. Nancy Drew games with the wife. While these games are fun, it's also fun to get to play games that we both enjoy together.

10. Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale series. There are very few CRPGs I've cared to play more than once. These have definitely stood the test of time.

Bruno Johnson (not verified)
Some stories

Hello, I won't talk about my favorite games or things like that but more about some particular gaming moments that, for one reason or the other, sticked to my mind.

1- My dad playing Duck Hunt on the NES, because well.. I've never seen him play a video game since. He doesn't watch movies or listen to music, but he's a hunter so he loved this game and he was really good at it. When I think of a weird gaming story, I think of my dad holding that grey nintendo gun. When I think of that moment, I still see the way our basement looked back then. Great memories !

2- Another one of my earliest gaming memory : one of our neighbour had a pool behind his house, so we'd all get there when it got really warm. One afternoon, he put his T.V. outside and his NES and we played Ice hockey. I'm a big hockey fan, so it made a big impression on me. It's still one of the funniest sport game I've played. You could choose you players (small, normal or fat) and believe me, a team of fatties was hard to beat !

3- Jedi Knight : dark forces II. I had the demo of this game, played it and liked it, but not enough to buy the game... until I read somewhere on the internet the cheat code you could type that would give you every weapon in the game... lightsaber included. I rushed back to the demo, typed the code and voilà ! I was in love with the game. I'm a big Star Wars fan, so being able for the first time to play a character holding a lightsaber, deflecting laser fire, etc.. was a great experience. I bought the game, finished it and played a lot on the old microsoft gaming zone.

4- Fallout 2 : once again, a demo got me addicted to a game. I had never heard of Fallout and dowloaded the demo of the second game because it looked great. What a surprise ! I loved the freedom of the game and how you could take care of a situation in a lot of different ways. But that's not the story. I played the demo and was going to quit to return to windows and a message popped up asking something like : So you like the game, and bla bla bla. I didn't read and clicked yes... That was my error. I heard a series of bip from my modem and I understood it was connecting somewhere ( this was in the time you could play against your friend via modem...). Two weeks later I received a gaming magazine from the US (I live in Canada) and it looked like I had agreed to suscribe. My mom was pissed off ! We kept receiving this magazine for a year and each time we would send 'em back, because she didn't want to pay. I can't blame her, I didn't even speak english ! But these magazines looked great and I still remember looking at each cover, without opening it, and trying the demos of the game that looked good. I later bought Fallout and Fallout II and I think the first time I've heard of Grim Fandango (one of my favorite game) was on the cover of one of these mag. Anyway when I think of Fallout, I think of this story.

5- Half-Life : the day I discovered good artificial intelligence. I had a neighbour who also liked videogames and he came to my home one day and saw me playing Half-Life. He was mesmerized. He didn't even want to play it, he just wanted to watch. I remember the first time you meet the marines. You're on the second floor and you hear them, talking one another on their radio, but you don't know yet if they're with you or against you. I remember crawling to the ledge of the platform, seeing on of these guy on the first floor and crawling out of sight to decide what to do. Then I saw something behing thrown at me and I heard a metal-on-metal noise. I looked down with my mouse and clearly saw the object. My friend said : g-g-g-grenade ! I tried to get the hell out of there, but it exploded and killed me. We were stunned for a few seconds and then we started laughing.

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In rough chronological

In rough chronological order....

1. Pong at home - TV was interactive
2. Phoenix in the arcade. Space Invaders was great - but this had colour, swooping birds and that huge boss mothership - spellbinding.
3. Combat on the 2600 - with my brother and 2 cousins - we played this on a demo pod in a shop until we were thrown out.
4. When I got a 2600 of my own.
5. Tempest in the arcade. Total sensory overload - and that spinner control.
6. Doom 2 on PC with sound - the sound of approaching arachnotrons.
7. Pilotwings on the SNES - that first sky diving level. Gaming at home had leapt forward - and this was something totally original.
8. Moving Mario forwards for the first time in Mario64.....then discovering you could make him tip toe. Real "proper" 3D.
9. Parodius 2 on the Saturn - that level that begins with the William Tell overture. I couldn't believe such an experience would be available at home.
10. Playing Mario Kart Double Dash with my kids and realising they were better than me.

Joined: 01/21/2009
davyK wrote:

In rough chronological order....

5. Tempest in the arcade. Total sensory overload - and that spinner control.

10. Playing Mario Kart Double Dash with my kids and realising they were better than me.

great taste #5 still maybe my all time favorite Arcade game..

#10.. just awesome.. i almost get a tear in my eye when I think back to the genesis and Hercules with the GF boy, When My GF boy opened his brand new Dreamcast (with about 30 pirated games) i got him for christmas.. I miss playing with him so much.. all grown up now.. and the GF has been history for years.. miss those kids though..

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Joined: 05/21/2006
gaming with kids.....
clok1966 wrote:

.. miss those kids though..

It gets worse - played my eldest (14) at mind sprint mode in Big Brain Academy (Wii) last night and she trounced me 10 games to 3!!!

Ugo Paliotto (not verified)
My top 10 favorite gaming memories

Here are my memorable moments in gaming (in no particular order):

When I got my Intellivision. Pa told me that that sort of toy was too expensive for our family and I agreed with him (I was ten years old!). Then he bought it for Christmas.

Mouse Trap for Intellivision: I've bought it 30 years ago and got up playing it almost immediately because I've found it too difficult to handle with the Intellivision controller. I've played it again last summer holiday and I've scored an amazing 800.000 points! What a record (for me)!!!

Deus Ex: sometime I keep dreaming I've escaping from UNATCO agents after i've met the JC Denton's brother.

NASL Soccer for Intellivision: the only videogame I've ever played with my father.

Civilization for Amiga: I've spent 4 days almost without eating to win the game at the King level. Mom was desperate.

When I got my Original Xbox. My brother-in-law gave me a voucher for a DVD recorder, but the PC I had at the time was unable to handle it so I chose an Xbox instead. I've bought 265 games for it.

Cyrus (arcade game): I loved it and I don't know why

Zaxxon for Colecovision: I had the vision of a day when the games for home systems will have same graphics (and same levels!) of their arcade counterparts

Alone in the Dark: weird!

Heavy Rain: I've played it, I've seen one of the most "positive" endings of it and that's enough for me. The Playstation 3 deserves to be bought even only for this game. David Cage is pure genius

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