ZX Spectrum - 55 minutes of Speccy Galore including real time tape loading!

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RetroGamerVX has challenged us to make Spectrum themed videos this week in honor of the ZX Spectrum's 30th birthday. Of course all I could do is comply to escape the wrath of my Evil Twin from the UK. Read more below...

His video can be found here:

Mind you this video uses real-time tape loading, hence the length and me waffling along.

My +3 sadly has seen better days. The RF out signal totally craps up after some usage. When the system heats up there are some major issues with the signal. The TV I am using is absolutely fine with other systems.

I need to get the Speccy repaired or resort to using the 48K or get another one. I try to show my favorite games here.

Boulderdash, TerraCresta, Hades Nebula, Monty Mole, Rtype are among them. I think I will revisit later this week with a proper more high production value video - or not - time is precious and life / work is throwing a lot of shifts my way yet again.

My other Spectrum videos:

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