Clone GBA-SP system - the k1gba - a demonstration

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A demonstration of a hardware compatible Gameboy Advance SP system that has the capabilities to run real GBA game cards as well as run files from an SD-card. The screen is much brighter and of a higher quality thn the original GBA-SP's screen and they seem to have used the exact same plastic molds as the original. Read more below...

It has the same ports, can use the same charger and same carts. It can even use an original Gameboy Advance SP battery. Still the insides are quite different as it houses a two core ARM system capable of much more. It is possible to hook it up to a TV over composite and that is a big bonus as it makes it very easy to record footage off the device. A tad less cumbersome than the Gamecube and its gameboy advance player.

It also supports emulation: perfect emulation of Nes, Gb, GBC and quite good emulation of the SMS and the GG. It also features TG16/PCEngine emulation but that is just a 'feature' a gimmick that isn't really usable.

All in all a great little system that totally adheres to the GBA-SP form factor a lot of us love. I would think this to be the ideal travel companion - the supplied GBA adapter even switches from 110-240 volts so if you have a travel adapter that changes the pins you can just use the same charger all over the world.

Where can you find this?

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