Buggy Boy - C64 vs the Arcade (Quick and Dirty)

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Buggy Boy on the C64 is pretty good, there are some excellent ports on the Atari ST and the Amiga as well but back in the day I played the C64 version a lot. Actually played my little Buggy Boy demo tape off the cover of a games magazine with just the off-road track the most. Didn't play the other tracks that much actually. Read more below...

So for a change I opted to play the North track on the C64 and also try to play that track on the Arcade version (Mame).

I tried to record my narration as I played which is tough as nails - kudos to the folk that are able to do that and play well :P

Check out gameplay of the Atari ST version by Gamesbloke

or the excellent comparison video by TheShadowsNose

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