Vectrex Regeneration (iOS) - a non-scripted first look

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Freshly released Vectrex Emulator running on iOS available in the app store. The app itself is free but actual games are available in a pack and that is about 5-6 Euros. The app is available world wide. Sadly no word of an Android version of the app which should be very possible as the Android and iPad hardware really aren't that different and Android tablets should be able to manage something like this well. Read more below...

In the first part of the video I show the interface and some of the games running on the iPad 3 in combination with an iCade cab. The touch controls are laggy - more so when you try them when the iCade is also connected - which is the case in most touch based games. Too laggy for my liking so I have to use the iCade cab. With the iCade cab the controls are pretty much spot on.

Using the iCade cab really turns it into a Vectrex-like experience. At 12:10 I decide to compare it with the real deal and show the similarities and the differences and come to a verdict right at the end of the video. The iCade controller is good but it has a bit of dead space that isn't found on the real controller. So changing direction of the ship is quicker and the fire buttons are much easier to depress. The iCade makes a lot of noise whereas the original machine is virtually silent. Gameplay is best on the real deal but with the iCade you came really close to the real deal.

I say, especially if you own an iCade, go grab this app.

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Cosmic Chasm
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