ARCHOS Gamepad Review / In-depth look (the long 1h57m edition)

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Update January 2nd 2013: There is a new firmware update for the Gamepad that is supposed to fix the buttons cancelling each other out. Preliminary testing shows no lag when analog nub is used. More testing will be done and I probably will end up doing a new review as this update does seem to drastically fix all the things that were wrong with the device with the release firmware. Still too early to tell but I will definitely update my review. Read more below.

Where can you find the official new firmware:

On this forum you can find information on how to root the system
Mind you rooting your device does void warranty.

Mind you rooting your device does void warranty.

[ Please use headphones or larger speakers to view this - on small speakers with less base the narration gets more drowned out ]
[ Please watch the footage in HD to be able to make out the screen better ]

The very lengthy hands-on / review of the ARCHOS Gamepad (1.6 GHz dual-core processor with a Mali-400 MP GPU).

- Intro of the machine
- Android games 11:50 (including some issues with the hardware buttons)
- Emulators 50:26

For 125 euros this device is a bargain. But it is worth buying? Well that depends on what you expect from it. There are some very good things about this device but also some draw backs. Let's go check it out. It is a long video - might be too long for some of you guys but hey at least it is a really in-depth view and my ramblings about this device. I show not only the things that worked but also the issues that arose when recording this video. I think this shows a better 'real life' experience with the device then a highly polished clip. Enjoy - or not :P

ARCHOS Gamepad Specs:

ARCHOS Gamepad Overview:

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