Joy-it Mini Android PC Gameplay and Emulation - a preview of an Ouya-esque experience?

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I was blown away by the performance of this 75 Euro Mini Android 4.0.4 stick sporting a 1Ghz CPU and 1Gb of RAM. It also has 4Gb of internal storage and the capacity to run a MicroSD stick with a maximum capacity of 32Gb. Read more below.

I am running some recent Android games that support a controller on my 27" Samsung TV and I also run some of Mr Broglia's emulators for Android. In fact trying to do what the upcoming Ouya gaming system will no doubt be far better at.

I can tell you this actually kinda outperforms the Archos Gamepad that is higher specced so that just shows how much software optimization Archos still needs to do with their Gamepad device.

I am starting to get very curious after the Ouya though!

Where can you get one? Here:

Sadly I see they upped the price by 4 Euros since I last bought it.

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