Whale's Voyage

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Jacob Marner
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I just recently learned that one of my colleagues at Io Interactive, Hannes Seifert, was one of the principal developers on the 1993 CRPG Whale's Voyage. It was originally done in German and then translated to English.

Box cover:

From Abandonia:

Sound track on iTunes:

Have any of you tried it? I haven't, but hope to get time some day.


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I missed this one.. looks

I missed this one.. looks right up my alley too.. Looks very AMIGA like..

Matt Barton
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I remember playing it briefly

I remember playing it briefly while writing Dungeons & Desktops. That shot of the ship looks familiar from back in the day, but I don't remember playing it before then. Maybe I saw a screenshot in a magazine or cracktro? I just can't quite recall.


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