Matt Chat 182

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I dont know what to say. I've worked as a developer for maybe not as long as most but I've been in situations where without being too specific I've been left in less than ideal situations. The idea that there is someone out there like Chris Taylor who actually cares about his employees like this left me in tears and to some degree restored my faith in humanity.

I've loved every Matt Chat interview I've seen but this one hit me really personally. I hope the best for Chris and everyone at GPG,

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Thanks, guys! I'm really

Thanks, guys! I'm really happy that Chris stuck to his promise to do the interview. I just hope the exposure will help close the gap with the Kickstarter.

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Congrats on the Episode Matt

I saw this episode of Matt Chat on Kotaku today. I'm hoping that this exposure as well as the quality of the interview will grow Matt's audience. Absolutely congrats on this Matt. Stellar episode.

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