The Continuing Legend Of Grimrock

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David Barbour
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Seems a second game is on the way. Im all for this as the first one was really well made, a great modern take on the games of old. What do you think they should add to the sequel? more of the same? or change it up a little?

Alex McGilvray
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I agree on an expansion. The

I agree on an expansion.

The added benefit would be if they continued and extended the current game it wouldn't fracture the modding community.

I would like to see the campaign be a non-linear descent into a dungeon. Maybe also more variety in environments that you can sort of tie into the story. Like a Dwarf village in the depths or something like that.

Jacob Marner
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Ultima Underworld

I think they could definitely improve the formula. If it could be improved with actual missions, stories and NPC interaction it could get much better. I am thinking they could add these elements like it was done in Ultima Underworld. That would be sweet...

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you can play some pretty good

you can play some pretty good "addons" on STEAM right now.. with the editor there inst much you cant make with the game. I was quite gung ho on the editor till I banged out a level or two and understood you cant tell much of a story with the current engine (scrolls and wall writings) and my skills as a Dungeon designer are not up to snuff..

Bill Loguidice
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I hope it's just an

I hope it's just an expansion. Honestly, the first one was such a breath of fresh air because the core game type it was based on was stagnant and it was so darn polished. To push a sequel I'd at the very least like to see a change in theme (sci-fi maybe) and certain engine mechanics. We don't need another half dozen Legend of Grimrocks, no matter how great the first game is...


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