Do you have funny, odd or weird Classic gaming stories?

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Here I give you an example of a memory I have about an odd / weird thing that happened to me back in the day. It was a strange thing that involved Classic Gaming and so I thought this would be a cool tag. As always, OPEN TAG all are welcome. Please leave a comment or even better a video response and tell me any WEIRD / ODD / STRANGE or FUNNY Classic Gaming Stories! Thanks to all who participate, it's just for fun! Please comment, rate and share !


Mark Vergeer
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Yes I have...

You got odd, weird or funny classic gaming stories? Well I have one from way back, must have been 1981 or 1982...this is my video response to MaximumRD's open Tag.

The FreedomFighters game my mom was playing:

The KCMunchkin game my mom was also playing:

Please share your story if you like.

Rob Daviau
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he He

Good stuff as always Mr. Vergeer !


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