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Does anyone get the appeal of the Assassin's Creed series? I played I one and off, and it was just so tedious. Not necessarily hard, just very repetitious. I kept going though to learn the story, then tried Assassin's Creed 2. It is a much better game, yet I just don't get it. There is something I just don't like about the game, but I don't know why. I love RPGs, and although this is not very much an RPG, it does have a lot of qualities of one. I enjoyed the fighting but that is about it.

Has anyone had a similar experience with any of the Assassin's Creeds? Clearly I am in the minority because it is a very popular game.

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I too was not a fan. I play

I too was not a fan. I play on the PC with mouse keyboard (strike 1) the complex moves with multi button pushs get to be to hard.. and (waiting to hear the chuckles) I played the first one for about 20-30 minutes.. there is a point where you are supposed to escape the Brotherhood and you jump out a window, land on some straw then climb a wall.. My guy kept backflipping off the wall no matter what I did.. (to his death) which meant 2-3 minutes to get back to that point.. Frustration set in quickly and.. other games came along.

STEAM and its evil sales.. I own all but the newest one.. and did try 2 and 3.. both where much better games IMHO.. still not great in my eyes. but much better. So your not alone in the minority.. but all my friends like them.. so like you Im kinda the lone thorn..

but with that said.. when i say dislike.. I probably am being to harsh.. there are very few (almost no) games i don't like.. ARMA (looks like an impressive game but MAN.. we need to draw the line at realism and fun.. DOOR OPENING? its just to micro manged) the zombie mod rocks.. but it would be even better game on a better engine.

I think back to the PSone days.. I wanted Res Evil so bad.. bought the game.. pumped my only 6 bullets into the first undead and didn't kill him and understood ... this game was not for me.. Much loved series that i don't care for.. (but I must admit the Wii version that you used the wand to aim was AWSOME!) Or Zelda 2... a side scroller? X-COM Enforcer FPS (and pretty bad one).

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I'm actually a big Assassin's

I'm actually a big Assassin's Creed fan. I think the appeal comes from two things: The stories are very good, and the gameplay is like a stripped down arcade version of the Thief series coupled with some Prince of Persia platforming. That turns some people on, and turns some people off. I enjoy it for what it is. I'm sure my wife has gotten me 3 for Christmas, so I'm verily looking forward to that.

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