Eclectic Delights Bundle

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Stay DeadStay DeadFriend of the show and site Gnome wrote in to tell us about the eclectic delights bundle. If you're looking for some cheap new games to liven up your holidays, this is it! You get 11 games for only $3! (This average will climb as more people purchase it, so act quickly). It's hard to go wrong with this value, because the selection really does live up to its name. There's even an FMV game in there--Stay Dead! There's also plenty of platformers, strategies, and plenty of cool extras like soundtracks and comics. On top of all this, you'll be supporting charity and the Indie Dev Grant. My advice: pop over there now and grab this bundle; perhaps a few for your friends, too!


echoMateria (not verified)
99 Spirits

Hello, I’m one of the developers of War of the Human Tanks. We are happy to be a part of this bundle, it turned out to be a quite fun journey for us.

Our next release, 99 Spirits, is one of the candidates for the Indie Dev Grant mentioned above. When you buy this bundle, you can vote for Indie Dev Grant from the bottom of your keys page. Vote for 99 Spirits to help us on our mission to let everyone enjoy the best Japanese indie games in English.

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