My reward for being an Xbox LIVE member for 10 years+

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Bill Loguidice
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While i tend to agree (whats

While i tend to agree (whats the point).. i will admit Im not immune to it.. I spent time making my avatar look as close to me as possible... I enjoy something for loyalty.. I never had live with the old one.. so Im out.. surprisingly.. i have had it since the 360 came out.. $50 every year.. but If they keep track of online time I bet mine is.. under 100 hours.. (and 50 of those would be netlix). Gratz bill

JMarner (not verified)
A bit lame, isn't it? I think

A bit lame, isn't it?

I think this whole Xbox avatar concept is boring. Why do people find it so important to put virtual clothes on a virtual self. There isn't any decent games that use Xbox avatar - and why should they - that would dictate the art direction.

Anyway, I still prefer the original xbox 360 desktop with the slides. That was clean and easy to use and none of this modern fluff. I might be old and grumpy :) - but I suppose that is how it is to be retro gamer.

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