Fixed: Heart of Winter "Insert DVD" Problem

Matt Barton's picture

I've spent the better part of the morning finding a workaround for this issue for the 3-in-1 boxed set DVD Icewind Dale collection. After completing the main campaign, I wanted to play the Heart of Winter expansion. It found the characters and asked if I wanted to import them. But then it hung on a screen asking me to insert the Icewind Dale DVD, which was already in the drive.

Go into the directory of your install and look for the characters file. Open that up, then click "compatibility." That'll put you in some weird app data directory. Copy what you see here, then go back into original characters folder and paste everything in. Now, run the program as an administrator and everything should work.

I'm guessing this is some nasty issue with Windows 7/Vista and their virtual folders.

If you do plan to play these Infinity Engine games, I strongly suggest installing to C: rather than the program folders.