TOWNS! and Mechwarrior Online

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Mechwarrior Online is in Beta and NDA's are over.. You all can play if you set up an account.
It really is as good a Mech combat game as one could hope for. It plays fast, its short 15 minute rounds. You can play any class, light, med, heavy and assault. The game gives you one of each mech (they do cycle um.. so if you have a Jenner, next month it may be Locust.. ) The limits of free play is just the mechs they give you (again, one of each class) and no MODS.. we all know the fun of mech combat is the customization. Yes you can do it with free play, but it will take a LONG time. The combat is nothing new, it plays much like the older mechwarrior single player games. AIMING is key.. keeping your lasers on a target is key, AIMING is key.. you are moving so targeting is hard. Piloting that monster Assault mech feeling all badass.. an having a single light run around you and destroy you will make you understand TEAMWORK is important.. I have found the light mechs are much easier to play as speed is important. Just as they say in the books, pilot skill is HUGE. running into a wall and stopping dead just makes you a easy target. This game is alot of fun, but I'm finding my skills with aiming, moving and shooting are not up to the current crop of players.. Heavy and Assault mechs are slow, but an Alpha strike (all weapons at once) will blow a light mech up in one shot.. and MANY of the players are excellent shots..

I highly recommend this for a try, its free, its not a HUGE download, and right now the mix of noobs to good pilots is about as good as its going to get..

TOWNS!- think settlers+ dungeon Keeper+ minecraft+Majesty. This is a Theme park game set in a fantasy world. The world is straight up old school isometric blocks.. (minecraft). You manage a town on top of a dungeon. You need to get your people to chop/mine/gather every resource, sleep, eat, and stand around.. Why stand around? So they are Happy and more people come of course! its like every Theme park game, micro manage time, resources to build a thriving town that will LURE in HERO'S that will fight the monsters in your DUNGEON! You build your town, and once built to a certain self sustaining level, you dig.. you dig for minerals that are not on the surface (iron/gold/etc) but as you dig down you find out there is a dungeon right below your town. Your towns people can handle a beast or two.. but die quickly to the hoards below. hence you need to get some hearty Heros to come and fight the beasties.

this is a game where you tell your people what to do, and they do it.. most of the time. Settlers is pretty close except you actually design buildings layouts, you have to tell your workers to make the tools (and you tell them where to place them). This game has quite a huge amount of Micro managing. I'm not sure why but certain aspects of the game you can auto set. others you have to manage at all times. FOOD- once you get a few farms going you can set your people kill pigs/cows (BADGERS!!!) and cook them.. they will do it with no help.. but bread, the basic starter food, you ahve to tell them to manually harvest wheat each time. So small things like this can be annoying, but I guess its to keep the town from running itself, they make you do certain basic resource gathering (wood, rock, wheat). Fighting is all done for you, you cant even chose when it happens. Monsters are in dungeons, but rarely one is above ground. YOU can pick when you enter a dungeon, but if you are not ready its possible to mine into a group of monsters who will chase your heroes back to town and wipe the town out (i loved this !!!, nice touch) your townspeople will fight to the bitter end (only the heroes will retreat).. so again its easy to lose half your town before you can shut off the resource they want as they march to their deaths, fighting all the way. Another thing.. when your townspeople die, they leave a corpse.. you need to BURY it.. or you will have ghosts.. This game has so much to do.. colors (yes colors) are made with flowers, and you can make bricks differnt colors, you can build with wood, stone and even mud.. and each has several verations. Your town is as cool as you make it.. Of course like settlers you need to design intelligent too.. having your pig farm across town from he butcher is not good.

I really like this game and recommend it highly to anybody who likes Fantasy Theme park games (Settlers, Majesty, etc..) with one warning.. its considered a ALPHA so it has almost no instructions, it will take several hours of trying before you even understand part of it. You will need to resist the urge to dig into a dungeon right away. The Isometric view can frustrate sometimes. As you cahnge levels your people need ladders or stairs.. if they get trapped when digging they die of hunger. As you manually change levels its easy to forget a guy 2 levels down when you are working at ground level. ALSO!!! when building walls for houses, they are 2 blocks high.. when putting the last blocks on a wall you can trap people on top of walls.. you wonder where they are dying and cant see them.. check you walls... make sure you get everybody down.. or when you build roofs for your houses you will have ghosts on top of your walls killing your people.

I will be putting MANY hours into Towns and as its ALPHA its only going to get better.. $10 on steam and worth it IMHO.. there is a DEMO from my understanding. The forums have alot of hate as its pretty Instruction free and as complex as it is.. i doubt most will stick around to see how fun it is.