Ecstasy of order - Tetris documentary

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Watched this on DVD this week and found it quite enjoyable. It does have a slightly parochial point of view - to say the winner is the world champion when clearly there are highly skilled tetris players in Japan who weren't involved does come across as a bit insular.

Well worth a watch though.


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Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you for the kind words. This movie is about the classic NES version of Tetris. While it does dabble in a few other versions, it focuses on the "original version" of the game. I believe many of the players to which you refer are playing different versions of Tetris. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but every time someone mentions anyone from Japan, they link to a completely different version of Tetris.

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Yeah - I guess the Japanese

Yeah - I guess the Japanese are more into the TGM games which are quite different - and it is worth noting that a TGM expert didn't qualify for the last 8 in the competition - I guess the older control would be an issue for TGM players. The atmosphere at the tournament was great in the film.

Good extras on the disc too - that Asteroids record run was astonishing as well.

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I will have to look for

I will have to look for this.. not on Netflix for view or rent :( and With RedBox killing the local DVD stores.. its going to be ugly for the DVD 'specialty" market , which is to bad. I been avidly watching the wierd Documentaries on Netflix for years.. some GREAT stuff..

some i would recommend for the AA crowd

Special when lit- Pinballs documentary
Chasing ghosts- depressing :(
The Rock-afire Explosion- rember ht robots in chuk e cheese..
Winnebago Man- to dang funny.. STRONG WORDS!!!!

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