Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu World Combat Kickstarter

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You may remember my interviews with Sandy Petersen a few episodes back. In case you missed them, here's what you need to know: This is the guy that did the Cthulhu games for Chaosium back in 1981--pen and paper games that are still being enjoyed today. Now he's back with a Kickstarter project called Cthulhu World Combat, a turn-based strategy game based on H.P. Lovecraft's twisted mindscapes.

Inspired by some truly classic turn-based strategy games like Empire, Civilization, and Heroes of Might & Magic (the holy trinity as far as I'm concerned), there's real potential here for something quite playable. Sandy seems to be gearing this towards casual gamers and playing with your friends. The turn-based nature of it makes it possible to have several different games going at once with multiple friends; that's neat. He claims its more like Advance Wars than anything else.

For Sandy's base goal of 300K, he's only making iOS and Android versions; we'll need to get it up to a 700K stretch goal before we get versions for PC, Mac, and Xbox Live.
The graphic style is not what I would have expected at all, though--it's actually quite cartoony; no danger of nightmares here! It's too early to say what effect this will have on the audience, but I'm really shocked he didn't go for something dark and sinister like his 1981 game. At any rate, it's definitely worth looking into if you're into H.P. Lovecraft and have an iPad or iPhone. Even if you're not, Sandy is a brilliant designer who seems to work best when he's not being restrained by publishers!

Okay, off now to pledge. It's only $10 for the digital download!