Apple's October 23rd Press Event - Big stuff, but nothing too shocking

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Bill Loguidice
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Say what you will about Apple, but they know how to have a press event. The iPad Mini is nice, but too expensive. I do like the refresh of the iPad 3, which was of course, unexpected. Still no reason for me to upgrade from my iPad 2, though.

I also really like the 13" MacBook with retina. That's a winner. The new 27" desktop with super thing display is nice, but that only makes sense if you really want a Mac desktop, which is a nice non-gaming alternative to what Microsoft is doing on the Windows 8 side. Otherwise, you're better off with a MacBook Pro and an external display. The Mac Mini refresh is OK, but that's a very specific device (it's my understanding that's used as a server a lot these days, which makes sense).