Matt Chat 168: Sandy Petersen on id and Ensemble

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Here's the last installment of my interview with Sandy Petersen. We chat about his time on id, which includes a lengthy section on Sandy's philosophy of level design. Then we move on to Ensemble, with a discussion of team sizes and Microsoft's callous treatment of this hardworking and proven team. We wrap up with a chat about jobs and what Sandy likes to see on a resume.

Download the podcast.


Anonymous (not verified)
Why you did not ask what he

Why you did not ask what he thinks of the decay of id software since Doom 3? Now with the "BFG" with textures of less quality to run on consoles.. even in the loading screens, looks horrific.

Doom and Quake are amazing, but today.. this ovation is nonsensical, the company losing almost everything, including the freedom.

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