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MadonnaMadonnaI had the honor a few days ago of being a guest on the All Gen Gamers podcast. The topics are pretty eclectic, ranging from Samantha Fox Strip Poker to Madonna's bush (what'd you expect when you put a bunch of 30-something retrogamers together?). We also talk about Matt Chat, PC games, and much more. If you aren't familiar with this podcast, it's hosted by the top dogs of the YouTube retrogaming community. I highly recommend all of their channels; suffice it to say, if you like Matt Chat, you'll love these guys.
Download the episode here.


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havent listend.. but was

havent listend.. but was going to mention while your not an Elder Scroll fan (well big fan like me) you get mention on the wiki pages .. thought that was kinda cool! will listen tho this on weekend.. and Samantha Fox Strip Poker, is that real? she cant be doing stuff liek that nowdays... can she? wait i dont want to know if its nowdays.

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Regarding Torchlight II

My brother picked a copy of this game up and his comments are usually pretty close to my opinion on games. His comments on Torchlight II is that it is exactly what he expected from Diablo III. He has been lowering the amount of time playing Borderlands 2 with my wife, friend and I to play Torchlight II. He is also a big fan of Guild Wars 2. He is going through gaming overload right now, and X-Com is coming out this coming Tuesday which will make it even worse. Someone I know pre-ordered me a copy of X-Com, so I will have to give my impressions of it when I have a chance to sit down and play it. But when it comes out I will be driving to Verona New Jersey to help a friend move back here to Kansas City, Kansas so it will be probably the next week before I make any comments.


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