Matt Chat 166: Sandy Petersen on why paper game designers make better videogames

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I'm back this week with part 2 of my interview with Sandy Petersen. In this episode, the maestro of pen & paper games talks about how people like him are better qualified to make videogames than those who jump straight to pixels. In short, the answer is diversity--paper games have it, videogames don't. Sandy also talks about Elf Quest, which he considers a failure, and Ghostbusters, whose innovative system inspired the Star Wars RPG (though unacknowledged). We also chat about his early computer games for Microprose, including Lightspeed and Hyperspeed, and why Sandy turned to the dark side.

Download the MP4 here.
What do you think about Sandy's argument? Would you like to see as much variety in the videogame market as we see in pen & paper games? Sound off below!


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This was great as always Matt, but I also wanted to say I just started the latest All Gen Gamers podcast and I'm so stoked that you're the guest! I didn't actually read the credits ahead of time, so I was completely surprised. I've been hoping you'd be on this podcast ever since Metal Jesus because a cohost. I love my console games, but I'm a PC gamer at heart, and I love the classic CRPGs and adventure games. He's definitely the one who has the most in common with my gaming past, and that's the same reason I found and love Matt Chat so much. Need to get back to this podcast now, just wanted to say I just got about 10 times more excited to listen to it. Matt Chat is the best channel on YouTube, can't wait for the third installment in the Sandy Petersen interview.

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