Captive (Atari ST/Amiga)

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David Barbour
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Anyone remember this sci-fi Dungeon Master clone. Even today i'll still play this in-fact I've just stopped playing (probably the reason I created this thread. Anyway for those that don't know what the game is about here is a quick rundown.

The protagonist (you) is someone named Trill. They've been put into suspended animation for a few hundred years and awake to find themselves on board a space station/prison. They find a Briefcase Computer which turns out to be a remote for four droids. So on you go having to travel from base to base (via a star map) destroying the bases generators to disable the space stations (nine in total) shields. Once you're their the final onjective (for that mission) is to find yourself.

Anyway crazily addictive to this day, and i may suggest a perfect candidate for a future Matt Chat :D

Anyone out there that has experiences of this great game?

Bill Loguidice
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It's actually amazing the

It's actually amazing the number of Dungeon Master clones from back in the day. I have several, but unfortunately, not Captive.


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