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Deep Space is here! Grab the whole thing now for a mere 5 bucks! And yes, there's SHMUPS for Mark--check out Death Ray Manta! Here's the announcement:

Deep Space Bundle gets spaced out with TEN more games

Bundle In A Box: Deep Space ( was rich from the start. It exclusively debuted the eye-melting Death Ray Manta and offered you Jeff Minter’s arcade Tempest influenced masterpiece Space Giraffe, surreal RPG-adventure Dark Scavenger, remade C64 classic Armalyte, space-combat sims The Wreckless and Sol: Exodus, retro-inspired platformer Robot Riot, freshly released shooter Miner Wars Arena and an impressive selection of extras and bonuses.

Now, with the addition of the complete Bagfull of Wrong explosive bundle-within-a-bundle and its 10 loud, glowing and psychedelic arcade games, the Deep Space bundle got even richer! And more exciting too.

Bagfull of Wrong, the winner of 2 Eurogamer Expo Stars, first and foremost contains arena shooter War Twat (for both PC and Mac and in all its varied guises); the same game that had Kieron Gillen admit: “This is a Minter shooter with the finesse removed and the volume turned to Bruce Forsyth screaming with the force of a nuclear explosion”.

The Bagfull of Wrong by Rob Fearon also contains the following bits and bytes of glowy digital bliss:

-Critically acclaimed shooter Squid Yes Not So Octopus (widely known as SYNSO). A sweet 1-4 minute arena shooter, offering psychedelic mayhem and neon chaos from the future that never was. SYNSO is playfully accompanied by SYNSO:CE and even more, weirder SYNSO editions.

-SYNSO: Squid Harder. The noisy follow-up to SYNSO. A sequel if you will, sporting even more squids with guns! Pink Robots! Devils from the 4th dimension! Shopping Trolleys and Lasers. Visual and aural overload! The star of the Eurogamer Expo 2009 Indie Games Arcade and an arena shooter like no other.

-Squid and Let Die: A diversion via Transversion. Solar like a fox. Collect the dots, the board is a deathtrap. Do not die. Hard and scary with a side order of Digitiser and Pac-Man tribute.

-FISHFISHBANGBANG: The one-button, fish-spinning, fish vs fish shoot-‘em-up that pays tribute to the almost forgotten Vectrex console.

-Ambiomat: The colorful one-switch digital toy.



Matt Barton
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I download Death Ray Manta on

I download Death Ray Manta on my Mac...MAN, that is the hardest arcade game since Robotron!

Mark Vergeer
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Oh man this is cool!


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