FTL-not the old DKeeper stuff, new space game

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FLT came out on STEAM this weekend, a little indy space ship combat game done realtime turn based ? its Very simple, but one of those games that takes some real skill to master. its sorta like if the Old rouge/hack/nethack games where turned into a Space combat game. You can play one game and die one turn in, or slowly build up and make it to a specific ending (not hack like in that respect, it does have a en ending I hear) But i have played about 80 games and only made it about 1/3rd the way. There are new ships to unlock, hidden ships (again, so i hear). its one of those games with what appears to be a million ways to play it.. But with all that its very simple. The screen is just 2 static spaceships which have compartments which each house your ship components.. engines, sensors, weapons and such.. you have crew and you can man certain stations to make them more efficient, crew members can also have bonus's (rock guys are immune to fire, etc). When you take damage you can knock systems out which can domino. Take out the O2 on human (and most other races) ships, and they will die if they don't fix, it.. you can start fires, and you can put them out by opening airlocks.. etc.. you can target specific systems. Certain weapons work against shields, or hit multipli targets, or just simply disable systems but do no damage.

i highly recomrnd you check this game out..its $9 on steam for a good game .

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I played this a bit the other

I played this a bit the other night (bought it direct from the dev site, which is cheaper and also includes the Steam key). It didn't grab me right away, but I guess I see some potential in it. It's not quite what I hoped for or expected, but I'll give it a bit more time...


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