iPhone 5 thoughts? Good stuff, but I think I'm switching to Android...

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Bill Loguidice
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Well, here's the deal about the iPhone 5, from my very specific perspective. It's better in every possible way. It's awesome, etc. If you want to stay in iOS on your phone or you want to switch, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. It's great. Anyone who says otherwise is being ridiculous. However, Android on a phone has matured to the point where if there is a specific gimmick or some other thing that catches your eye (for me, it's the giant Galaxy Note II with the pen--hope to get a US release date soon!), there's no reason not to switch. I think that's the point where I'm at, particularly since I'm fine with the iPad 2 to balance things out and not miss out on the iOS goodies (and I'm sure Christina will stick with iOS and the iPhone 5, as well).